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Hi I'm Kate! A Tasmanian based photographer and filmmaker.

I'm always up for anything creative, but I do get a bit of extra excitement when it comes to weddings and family portraits!

Sometimes being in front of the camera can be a bit intimidating... We're only human. That's why my style is relaxed, candid and adventurous. Part of my job requirement is being funny (and part of yours is laughing at my jokes...)

So, I'm sure you have a bunch of questions to throw at me...

Please find the contacts form below - if I don't reply within 3 days, please email me directly as I may have missed you.

Wowee they are amazing! You made our day perfect and we really can’t thank you enough, we are so lucky to have you!

We felt so relaxed with you and had

such a fun day!

I knew you were going to be great

but wow. The photos are incredible.

Knowing Tom doesn't love photos,

you were still able to capture so

many beautiful shots.

Would highly reccommend to anyone.

Oh my god Kate they are amazing.

That was so quick. We’ve just looked through them. You are so bloody talented, we love them so much. I'm crying.

Thank you so much!

Boy oh boy do I love a wedding film full of real moments.

The ones that hit you right in the feelers.

No posey stuff, we're here to have the time of our lives

(and take full advantage of golden hour...)

With a 10+ year career of photography and filmmaking, I know how to tell a story through a camera. There's so much more to it than pointing and shooting. It's about reading the light, anticipating a special moment, letting loose and getting to know your clients;


and being a bit of a social butterfly certainly helps me cover all of the above.

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